BSS-as-a-Service for VNOs and Service Providers

Operating globally, MDS offers a BSS and Analytics platform to service providers as a cloud-enabled managed service.

We specialise in managing every aspect of revenue management, business change and digital engagement for disruptive VNO, complex B2B and agile IoT service environments leaving you the freedom to drive your business.

VNO, B2B and IoT

Our customers include


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VNO/E, B2B and IoT specialist

Dedicated solutions and expertise to target industry nuances with service excellence and business efficiency.

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As-a-service delivery

Full cloud-enabled managed services minimising skills and infrastructure needs whilst improving time to market.

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Monetisation and Analytics at our core

Our services are based on our own BSS suite enabling expert and agile turnaround for your ever evolving needs.

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Open platform management

Our service not only integrates with leading solutions like Salesforce and Thingworx, we can manage these platforms too.

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Embedded Assurance

Our services incorporate revenue, fraud and service assurance options for peace of mind

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Business to business & VNO DNA

MDS was born out of an operator, managing complex B2B, IoT and VNO from inception — driving consumer experiences in business services. Easing complexity is in our nature.

Featured Solutions

Virtual Network Operators
Freedom To Innovate


A complete managed service for Virtual Network Operators, covering modules from business analytics to a complete as-a-service BSS platform for new and disruptive service providers.

iD Mobile Case Study

Business Analytics
Steer Your Business


Service providers can incorporate a range of monitoring and predictive analytics related to costs, churn, fraud, customer and assurance across their business and partners eco-system.

Spend Analyzer
Online Analytics and Churn
Fraud Alert Service
Wholesale Cost Optimisation

B2B Customer Management
Complex Made Easy

Business to Business BSS

Our BSS-as-a-Service is designed to support complex account and service structures demanded across corporate, SME and IoT business services.

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