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BSS solutions and services

At MDS we understand that the world is rapidly changing and that BSS in the communications sector and billing solutions across industry enterprises simply need to be more agile and flexible. Our vision is a business world where enterprises can launch any product or service, to anyone, anywhere, in a short space of time, no matter which market they operate in.

For over 15 years we have focused on providing our customers with agile, scalable and assured managed revenue and customer management solutions for telecoms and IT service providers to profitably grow revenue and effectively serve their most complex customer bases profitably. We are experts in providing BSS solutions that enable new mobile and converged services to be launched, priced, billed and managed to ensure a great customer experience.

Our BSS solutions

Our MDS Accelerate platform empowers service providers and enterprises to monetise, price, launch and bill any product and service, rapidly, accurately and at a low total cost of ownership, helping enterprises to better understand and enhance the experience of their customers. Our customers include BT, Gogo, Telefónica UK, and Vodafone.

MDS Accelerate is a fully integrated revenue and customer management platform that allows communications service providers and enterprises to drive business growth and efficiency, but with the flexibility to adapt to a constantly changing market landscape to support new products, services and business models. With our Private Cloud 24/7 managed service operation and over 50 assured SLAs, you can benefit from complete trust and peace of mind.

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To contact MDS, you can email or call us on 01925 462300. From there, our experienced team can help to pinpoint the steps needed for a successful and strong partnership, as well as offering advice on how our business support systems could be beneficial to you.

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