The VNO Journey: Three Steps to Success

Read the first in our series of three whitepapers that explore how VNOs can get their business back on track. In this first paper, we explain how VNOs can stabilise their business and position themselves for growth.


From SoHo to Enterprise offer the services to enable your customers’ digital transformation.


Optimise your business to realise your digital ambitions.


Welcome to MDS

Experts in convergent real-time charging, billing, analytics and customer management solutions for digital service providers

Our passion is transforming telecoms and IT service providers to profitably grow revenue and effectively serve the most complex customer bases, in particular the business and Virtual Network Operator (MVNO / VNO) markets.

We empower Communication Service Providers to monetise, price, launch and bill any product or service, rapidly, accurately and at a low total cost of ownership. Using our comprehensive Managed Service, we help you better understand and enhance the experience of your customers.

We’re not just Business Support System (BSS) vendors. Our domain experts have knowledge from a multitude of industries, with particular focus on B2B and Retail. Whether you’re looking to enhance the portfolio of products you offer your business customers, or you’re looking to leverage shopper loyalty, MDS profitably helps grow your business.

Selected Products and Services

Real Time Billing
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Real-time charging for B2B

Put your customers in charge with all the comfort of real-time control. We’ll help you create experiences which build trusted relationships and generate new revenue streams.

Product and Solutions
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For enterprise and SME customers of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Digital Service Providers (DSPs).

Expanding your product portfolio
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Expanding your product portfolio

Give your customers a growing portfolio of services, fully aligned to their businesses. As a value-add strategic asset to every customer, you can break the chains of commodity provision and unlock greater revenues.

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