People Stories


Here at MDS we know that everyone we employ is different and has their own unique story to tell. It’s our people that make MDS a success and we regularly recognise the contribution that they make.

Read some of our stories here:

Eimear - Jira Administrator

Initially I completed a degree in Geography and Philosophy but I decided to explore the world of IT so moved across to complete a 9 month software development conversion course with a 3 month work placement at the University of Limerick.

MDS was my very first role after graduating and I joined as a Jira Administrator. Jira is the system we use here to track changes and bugs in our software. Our Software and QA Engineers use the system to track any issues. I’m responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and to ensure that it’s working optimally for the teams.

I really enjoy the freedom and responsibility that I’m given in my role.

I use my software development skills to create new plug-ins to enhance the system and make it easier for my colleagues to use.  My role includes creating dashboards and reports to provide insight into performance. I enjoy the challenge it gives me as I am constantly thinking about how I can improve the system and I get to use my Java skills with that too. I enjoy being able to answer my colleagues’ questions as I feel that I know the system so well.

There’s a great bunch of people working at MDS and the company is really supportive!

I’m really happy doing the role that I do now but my ultimate aim is to move more into Java development. I’ve recently been learning about other MDS platforms, which gives me that exposure and experience. I’ve seen other people move from this particular role into Software Engineering roles so it’s great to see that it’s possible!


Adam - Software Engineer, Limerick

I joined MDS as I was attracted by the great location and also the chance to learn from a team of experienced software engineers.

I joined as Jira Administrator and was responsible for overseeing any problems and new features for our Jira system which we use to track issues. I moved into an Associate Software Engineer role and then was promoted to a Software Engineer which is what I’m doing now.

There’s a chance to learn different styles of coding and you get moved around a lot onto different pieces of work – every project that I work on is entirely different so I don’t just do the same over and over.

In my role, I can be working across 3 or 4 different projects where I deal with minor issues or I may be assigned to a bigger project where I will focus for 3-4 months. So it’s quite varied. I work on the Java side but I do get exposure to new technologies such as Rest and web development, and now I am doing Spring.

At MDS, the work is challenging. There is a real drive to move forward and to update what we are doing so I have been getting involved in agile ways of working and then techniques like refactoring. 

I’ve now moved to working on our product which gives me a chance to get involved with what MDS does next. It’s exciting to be involved in that part too.

I work with a bunch of really smart and talented people, and everyone is really experienced and helpful. We have a close knit and collaborative culture. If you want to develop your skills then I would recommend MDS – it’s a great place to learn and you can really test yourself here.


Donna – Billing Application Analyst

Having spent a few years analysing merchandising and sales numbers in retail, I was looking for a new challenge so joined MDS in March 2016 as a Billing Application Analyst. MDS stood out for me from the moment I applied - it was the professionalism, good work/life balance and flexible hours. 

MDS care about their people and that really appealed to me.

My role is customer-facing and is super varied! We receive lots of requests from our customers – anything from billing issues, pricing issues, issues with configuration and then requests for reports. It’s really interesting to understand what the customer needs and then we design, run and reconcile the report for them. I’ve needed to learn a number of new applications since I joined and day-to-day I use a several different systems, so it’s been a real learning curve. 

I received excellent training and I have a great team leader who supported me, as well as a team who have lots of experience and are happy to share their knowledge.

Every day is different and there’s no time to get bored!  You really do need drive and ambition to work in this role. I pick out the customer requests to work on that I know will challenge me and that I can learn from.

The team is super friendly. There’s a range of ages, but we work well together and arrange team nights out. There are also company social events to get involved with. I would highly recommend MDS; it’s a great company to work for and you’ll learn so much.