People Stories


Here at MDS we know that everyone we employ is different and has their own unique story to tell. It’s our people that make MDS a success and we regularly recognise the contribution that they make.

Read about some of our stories here:

Ian - Service Delivery Manager

I joined MDS back in 1995 (when it was part of Martin Dawes Telecommunications) initially working in the customer services team, handling customer enquiries. It gave me a great understanding of the telecoms business and our DISE system, which is now called CMP. I became more interested in understanding the system so I moved into the Business Support team, which is where my career really took off. I was lucky enough to be involved in some great projects which allowed me to travel overseas, as well as spending a year on a customer’s site in the UK.

At MDS, I like the way that we work – being a smaller company, you can get things done and there is a team effort, especially when there is an issue to sort out.

I’ve done a number of roles in my time at MDS, including Team Lead, Account Manager and, for the last two years, Service Delivery Manager. I ensure that as a Managed Service we deliver our Contractual and Service Level commitments to customers. I have daily calls with customers to ensure that our system is running and that there are no issues, so it is a very customer focused role. 

I really enjoy being able to use my own judgement and make decisions myself to ensure that customers are being looked after.

If you’re thinking about joining MDS then I would say: Prepare to be busy! There’s a lot to learn, especially if you are new to the industry, but we have some experts here who will help and support you. We have some great customers too. You are given the freedom to make decisions and there are opportunities to progress, which has been great for me!


Andy - Deputy Head of Change

Following a number of years working for larger organisations supporting blue chip companies within a technology managed service basis, I joined MDS as Service Desk Manager back in 2011.

I really enjoy being in a business the size of MDS – I find it much more collaborative and you can see the direction the company is going and you can have a positive impact on that - it’s much more tangible than working for a larger company.

After fulfilling a couple of different roles, I moved into the Change team and I’m currently Deputy Head of Change. So day-to-day my team onboard any new services or customers into our Managed Service function. We work within an ITIL framework so everything is very structured and it takes any risk away from making operational changes. I also manage the software support team who identify and fix any software bugs and data fixes within our software.

I’ve been here six years and I’m really positive about working here. The company has great ambition and direction.  You can see that the company wants to grow and I think that there is a real chance to grow with it!

MDS is a really vibrant place to work – there are constantly challenges to overcome but you are well rewarded and recognised for the job you do. For someone new to telecoms, it may be challenging at first but if you are willing to get involved and ask lots of questions then like me, you’ll be able to overcome that. There are also opportunities to get involved with social and charity events. In fact, my team organised a charity bike ride last year which saw two of us cycle from our Limerick office in Ireland to our Warrington office over four days. We raised over £3,000 for charity and people from across the company got involved.


Tanya - Solutions Architect

After studying IT at college and then working in Dublin for a large consultancy company, I relocated to Limerick 16 years ago and have worked at MDS ever since. Starting out as a programmer, I was really interested in the internal and external design of the components we developed so I continued my career in a technical role.

My current role, as a Solutions Architect, involves working closely with our customers to determine exactly what they need and then working with the team, I provide a design on the best way that they can use our system to get that. This usually involves adapting existing or creating new components.

I also work closely with other teams such as development, test and project management teams. That is what I enjoy most about my role – the variety of work and being able to collaborate with other people.

My role is busy and challenging but that keeps me interested and we work with a great group of people here so we all get through the projects together. Every day is varied and I am always learning something new.

I enjoy the problem solving aspect of my role and I get a lot of satisfaction out of being able to see a solution come together, deployed into live and used by our clients to enhance their products.

There is also a social side to MDS so if this is important to you we offer a number of social activities. If you are thinking about joining MDS then I would tell you to expect to be busy! There’s a lot to do and it’s really challenging but we are a great team so if you are looking for a company where collaboration is high then come and join us!