People Stories


Here at MDS we know that everyone we employ is different and has their own unique story to tell. It’s our people that make MDS a success and we regularly recognise the contribution that they make.

Read about some of our stories here:

Tanya - Solutions Architect

After studying IT at college and then working in Dublin for a large consultancy company, I relocated to Limerick 16 years ago and have worked at MDS ever since. Starting out as a programmer, I was really interested in the internal and external design of the components we developed so I continued my career in a technical role.

My current role, as a Solutions Architect, involves working closely with our customers to determine exactly what they need and then working with the team, I provide a design on the best way that they can use our system to get that. This usually involves adapting existing or creating new components.

I also work closely with other teams such as development, test and project management teams. That is what I enjoy most about my role – the variety of work and being able to collaborate with other people.

My role is busy and challenging but that keeps me interested and we work with a great group of people here so we all get through the projects together. Every day is varied and I am always learning something new.

I enjoy the problem solving aspect of my role and I get a lot of satisfaction out of being able to see a solution come together, deployed into live and used by our clients to enhance their products.

There is also a social side to MDS so if this is important to you we offer a number of social activities. If you are thinking about joining MDS then I would tell you to expect to be busy! There’s a lot to do and it’s really challenging but we are a great team so if you are looking for a company where collaboration is high then come and join us!


Melvin – Application and Billing Operations Team Lead

I joined MDS as an Analyst in 2008 and have been a Team Lead within the Billing Application Management team for the last 3 years. Alongside my colleague, I lead a growing team of 9 analysts who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the CMP product for Managed Service customers, as well as additional applications which enhance the solution. We run a set of business processes each day which utilise our product experience, a fine eye for detail, intelligence and a good analytical skill set.

This is all made possible by the career development offered by MDS; keeping the team up to date, moving in line with changes in technology and new ideas, and continuously improving the service we offer.

Being in a key support role for the product means we’re a busy team with big responsibilities. A small process delay can result in a significant impact to the quality of service that our customers strive to deliver to their end users. Our customers are big players in the game so the responsibility can add a little pressure, but this simply fuels the adrenaline and gives me that job satisfaction I live for.

Here at MDS, I’ve really seen individuals progress, including members of my own team. If you are willing to put in the hard work, you will be recognised!

MDS is a great company to work for, and they recognise the hard work you put in.  The investment in your development is great, and from a social side, there’s a lot to get involved in too!


Jack – Product Marketing Manager

I joined MDS in 2014 after starting my career as an apprentice and working my way up within a service desk environment. Joining MDS as the Service Operation Centre Manager, I managed a team of 14 staff, some of whom worked 24/7 - the first point of contact for our Managed Service customers.

One of the things that attracted me to MDS was that it is a smaller company where I would be able to bring new ideas and make an impact quickly.

Personal development is really important to me and to MDS, so I’ve recently started a new role as Product Marketing Manager. It’s different from my previous role, looking at new, innovative and exciting ways to market MDS products– it’s going to be a real challenge but one that I’m looking forward to!  In my time at MDS I’ve been able to make a lot of process improvements whilst being given a number of opportunities around the wider business, such as attending the MDS Leadership Development Program and also developing our company values.

It’s great getting to work with other teams and really make a difference!

I really enjoy the social side too ….there is always something going on, including summer and winter balls, competitions and charity events. It really allows you to get to know your colleagues, which is vital when you are working together. 

If you are reading this and thinking about joining MDS, then I would say go for it…! If you’re looking for a challenge and want to work somewhere that you can develop and learn then this is definitely the company to work for.