Web Standards Compliance

This site has been created using valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS according to current W3C guidelines, and is aimed at users with a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and above.

Our aim is to ensure that all pages meet the minimum Priority 1 checkpoints as dictated by the Web Accessibility Initiative's (WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, although where possible we aim to implement Priority 3 checkpoints.

The checkpoints, however, cannot always be measured. They fall into 2 basic categories – automatic (which can be measured) and manual (which require a judgement call). All pages on this website meet the automatic checks to levels AA or AAA. Manual issues will be addressed as part of our ongoing development.


The following tools were used to validate the code and gauge the level of accessibility:

Browser Support

We have tested this site using the browsers listed below on various platforms and Operating Systems. However, as development is an ongoing procedure, we aim to deal with any issues identified as soon as possible. If you experience any difficulties/problems whilst using this site we would appreciate your feedback in order that we can address the problem. You should email comments to us via our contact form.


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