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About Us

Who we are, what we do

Who we are

MDS is a leading technology and services company that provides managed revenue and customer management solutions to enable operators and services providers to rapidly monetize, manage and bill any type of communications and IT service, while assuring an enhanced customer experience. 

What we provide

We provide a platform that combines best of breed technology for managing the complexities of the revenue and billing cycle, as well as customer relationship management. We combine our product technology, managed service capabilities and advanced analytics technology to provide a modular platform that enables our customers to consumptively price, launch and bill any type of product and service. As a trusted partner we deliver rapid time to market and a total cost of ownership up to 40% lower than traditional enterprise software models. Our platform creates a unique view of the customer, enabling operators and services providers to better understand and enhance the experience of their customers. Our analytics capabilities assure the entire revenue to care cycle and offer analytic business assurance and customer data insights as part of the core platform we provide.

Our Vision is that our people inspire each other and our customers to take maximum advantage of monetising opportunities, in a world where technology is evolving rapidly and business models must flex to market demand. MDS stands at the forefront of empowering its customers to profitably sell any service, anywhere to anyone, in whatever market they operate.

Who we do it for

MDS supports operators and service providers across their most complex market segments including enterprise and SME markets as well as MVNO, Wholesale and other service provision led businesses. Our agile and scalable platform supports the likes of Telefonica O2 UK and BT to service their business customer bases, through to providing US service provider Gogo with the capabilities to support their customers with airline broadband services at 60,000 feet.

Our Company

We have built our pedigree of innovation over 15 years, from when Martin Dawes, our Chairman, built one of the first ever Mobile Virtual Network Operators in the world. The technical and operational capabilities which powered that MVNO operation has enabled us to build system and services capability which has a fundamental understanding of the challenges in running a service provider business and what is needed into today’s tough market conditions to differentiate and be successful. 

Our Values

Our core values are about Customer Focus, to add value to our customers in every interaction and build long term partnerships with a shared vision. Accountability is at the core of our business, to ourselves, the people we work with and our customers. Teamwork drives everything we do across all of our business and Innovation means we constantly strive to innovate our technology and services and find new and better ways of doing things.

About MDS


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