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Rob Smith Rob Smith

How to target SMEs with 4G

December 2, 2013

The SME market offers enormous growth potential for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). In order to maximise this opportunity, CSPs can utilise existing expertise and infrastructure repurposed, retargeted and repackaged to meet the unique challenges of SMEs – selling 4G/LTE services in the process.

Firstly, CSPs should increase their use of verticalisation – both in price plans and in their product bundling…

The importance of verticalisation.

Verticalisation is the ability to configure price plans or products to the needs of an individual industry (such as retailers or utilities) and is equivalent to basic personalisation in the consumer market.

Currently just 44 per cent of European CSPs support verticalisation price plans. This makes verticalisation is a key area of opportunity for CSPs, simply because it is at such a low level of maturity. In the past, CSPs have approached SMEs like the enterprise market and failed because the offer was too bespoke and ...

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Matt Hooper Matt Hooper

Pricing basic connectivity services on 4G

November 18, 2013

When pricing LTE/ 4G services, it can be difficult for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to explain the benefits to customers. From a customer’s point of view the difference between 3G and 4G may be somewhat opaque. Other than faster speeds, there is no single new killer app that can’t be delivered on 3G that is enabled by 4G.

In addition, the faster speeds of 4G may get some types of business excited, but the cost can be prohibitively expensive for bandwidth-hungry applications. This could impede market take up or cause customers to consider adopting alternative technologies for the same purpose.

So the first pricing decision that CSPs need to make is whether to charge a premium price for LTE or to price it the same as 3G, in order to encourage adoption and enable incremental revenue streams.

Market overview of 4G pricing strategies Industry thinking is split on ...

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Rob Smith Rob Smith

Teenage Kicks for the Internet Generation

November 1, 2013

I’m not that ancient (pre-middle aged I’d like to think) but like many in this industry my teenage years were very different to those of my kids. Their choices are Apple vs. Google or PS4 vs. Xbox One. Mine/ours were… well, they weren’t like that. And for communication service providers (CSPs), the implications are significant – the expectations and demands of teenagers today (more on that later) is going to push hard at the bounds of commercial reality/viability.

Before we go further, I should point out that this blog is not attempting to provide a deep analysis of the CSP business model against that of the OTT players. Neither will it suggest a technology-based solution – tech won’t resolve ‘market conditions’. It’s just a reality check.

The chasm between teenage expectations – the ‘teenage kicks’ of the title – and the world of telecoms/OSS/BSS that ...

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