Business Assurance

Powerful analytics for Business Assurance

Comprehensive business intelligence – The Integrated Revenue and Customer Management Platform utilises a single integrated database to store all customer information. The business intelligence suite offers more than forty standard reports that provide meaningful information across eight key data types: account, connection, financial, marketing, miscellaneous, MIS, quality, and stock. Business intelligence also enables the segmentation of customer profiles in support of direct marketing activities, such as mail-shots, invoice inserts, and email promotions.

Online executive dashboards – A suite of executive dashboards that afford service providers on-demand access to meaningful customer and business insights, including subscriber volumes, subscriber spend and unallocated usage. In addition, the dashboards provide an overview of MDS compliance to service level agreements.

Adaptive revenue assurance – Delivering a discovery-based analytics environment that offers revenue assurance capabilities of unmatched accuracy, speed to resolution, and flexibility. Adaptive revenue assurance enables service providers to maximize revenue performance in key areas, including billing accuracy, network-to-bill reconciliation, wholesale settlement reconciliation, and order accuracy.

Powerful fraud analytics – Delivering a flexible and adaptive fraud analytics environment that affords superior agility in the prevention and reduction of fraudulent activities. The fraud analytics solution includes three major components:

  • Pre-packaged fraud analytic profiles
  • Methodology to quickly extend or add to the profiles as fraud threats evolve
  • Operational integration model that complements existing fraud prevention procedures and promotes maximised financial return.


  • Consolidated reporting with more than 40 standard reports
  • Executive dashboards for online access to critical business and customer information
  • Reduce business risk through adaptive revenue assurance and fraud analytics

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MDS Managed BSS

MDS Managed BSS

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