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Business Analytics & Assurance

Powerful Analytics and Business Assurance

Comprehensive business intelligence – The Integrated Revenue and Customer Management Platform utilises a single integrated database to store all customer information. The business intelligence suite offers up to 80 standard reports that provide meaningful insight across the Order-to-Cash-to-Care process. Business intelligence also enables the segmentation of customer profiles in support of direct marketing activities such as mail-shots, invoice inserts and email promotions

Online Analytics – A suite of executive dashboards that give service providers on-demand access to meaningful customer and business insight, including subscriber volumes, subscriber spend and unallocated usage.

Business Assurance – We provide comprehensive service assurance through monitoring and validation tools that ensure infrastructure, applications and processes are operating as intended and performance is optimised. Process assurance and revenue integrity are key principles that we apply to the services we manage for our Customers.

Our standard analytics allow customers to carry out revenue assurance themselves, with additional chargeable revenue assurance services available.

Powerful Bespoke Analytics – MDS have deep domain knowledge and experience of delivering flexible and adaptive fraud, revenue assurance and other bespoke analytic solutions. 

MDS analytic capabilities provide agile, fast-to-value solutions to drive and influence business processes and business decisioning, particularly in following areas:

  • Prevention and reduction of risk
  • Enhancing customer experience 
  • Improving operational efficiency 
  • Maximising revenue. 
  • Comprehensive reporting with up to 80 standard reports
  • Online analytics for easy access to critical business and customer information
  • Reduce business risk through assured monitoring, validation and process integrity

For further information on MDS business analytics and assurance capabilities, we invite you to contact us to discuss specific requirements or visit the Resource Centre to download the latest MDS papers.


MDS Managed BSS

MDS Managed BSS

Download this paper to find out how the MDS technology and services can help deliver top line growth in the digital economy.