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Customer Management

True 360 degree single view CRM

Single view CRM – delivers a holistic, 360 degree view of the customer and their services that can significantly improve call handling times, reduce the cost to serve, and promote a single point of contact approach to handling customer enquiries that span multiple products and services, greatly enhancing the customer experience. The CRM provides a centralised interface for all customer acquisition and in-life management information and activities, including:

  • Multi-level hierarchies – easily configure complex business, family and group organisational structures that enable service and usage charges for subscriptions to be consolidated at any level
  • Subscriptions – quickly add new subscriptions, including services and price plans, to the appropriate organisational container and submit provisioning commands through an automated wizard-style interface
  • Billed and unbilled usage – effectively manage customer bill enquiries relating to historical invoices, unbilled usage and outstanding balances
  • Moves and changes – simplified processing of in-life management activities, including customer upgrades, tariff migrations, SIM swaps and sales orders.

Customer-centric policy control – In addition to enabling standard policy management functions for data services, such as subscriber overage throttling, fair usage control, and bandwidth allocation, policy control, as part of the Integrated Revenue and Customer Management Platform, can help to simplify estate management for IT and Telecoms Managers and enable a selected level of user self-administration.


  • Single view of customer and services
  • Reduce cost to serve and improve customer experience
  • Empower customer personalisation and self-administration

MDS Single View CRM

For further information on MDS customer management capabilities, we invite you to contact us to discuss specific requirements or visit the Resource Centre to download the latest MDS papers.


MDS Customer Management Platform

MDS Customer Management Platform