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Data Management

Migrate, integrate and manage

For service providers seeking to enhance the customer experience and introduce innovative convergent offerings quickly and cost-efficiently, the MDS Integrated Revenue and Customer Management Platform provides data management tools that employ adaptive process analytics capabilities to consolidate and transform disparate data:

Simplified data migration – Automated processing and validation for the assured system-to-system migration of subscriber records that speeds time to market and reduces manual errors.

Advanced data integration – Consolidation and enrichment of fragmented account and billing information for customers that have multiple subscriptions distributed across many disparate back office systems. Data integration facilitates a single view of accounts and services that enhances the customer experience and enables unified reporting, without the need for costly infrastructure changes.

MDS Data Integration and Transformation Capabilities

Extended usage interface – Collection and transformation of usage and transaction records that are provided in a non-standard format. The data transformation engine enables the rating and billing of convergent communications and cloud computing services for incremental revenue generation and enhanced customer experience.


  • Single view of customer and services
  • Consolidated reporting and business assurance
  • Rapid introduction of next generation telecoms and cloud computing services

For further information on MDS data management capabilities, we invite you to contact us to discuss specific requirements or visit the Resource Centre to download the latest MDS papers.


MDS Managed BSS

MDS Managed BSS

Download this paper to find out how the MDS technology and services can help deliver top line growth in the digital economy.