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Product Management

Monetise, create, launch and manage new products in days

The introduction of convergent offers that include bundled services, physical goods, digital content, and partner services significantly increases product portfolio complexity. To remain competitive in a dynamic market, service providers must be able to manage this complexity while reducing the time to market for new product introduction and simplifying offers as seen by customers. Faster time to market in the new digital economy may include the ability to launch and withdraw products in a day.

MDS Convergent Pricing & Promotions Catalogue

Convergent pricing and promotions catalogue – Advanced pricing and promotions management that enables the rapid launch of convergent offerings with a level of granularity such that promotions can be targeted at individual customers. Providing a centralised repository and supporting an extensible library of reusable product and service components, the pricing and promotions catalogue enables service providers to grow revenues and compete effectively in the digital economy.

To support the introduction of new offerings, the MDS tariff management function is designed to maximize flexibility through configuration. In contrast to time-consuming and costly development work, configuration allows the rapid build and launch of complex tariffs and price plans – typically, the introduction of a complex base network tariff can be achieved in less than six days, while simpler price plans can be created in less than three days.


  • Consolidated product catalogue for digital services and physical goods
  • Support complex bundling and discounts
  • Rapid time to market for new products and services – 3-6 days

For further information on MDS product management capabilities, we invite you to contact us to discuss specific requirements or visit the Resource Centre to download the latest MDS papers.


Customer Management Platform - Flexible Tariffing

Customer Management Platform - Flexible Tariffing