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Revenue Management

Revenue Management for convergent rating and billing

For service providers intending to introduce complex, convergent IT and communications services, the fundamental requirements are scalable, robust and accurate rating, billing, and credit and collections. As such, the MDS Integrated Revenue and Customer Management Platform provides the ability to consumptively price and bill any product and service, rapidly, reliably, and accurately.

Flexible rating – Affording the flexibility to handle the high volumes of usage records and increased complexity associated with next generation convergent services. The powerful rating and discounting capabilities include support for individual classification of the numerous call and event types, and the ability to simplify the creation of complex price plans, enhancing business agility and reducing costs.

Convergent billing – Providing comprehensive support for the billing of complex convergent services, the powerful invoice production routine consolidates all chargeable events onto one invoice, including subscription, usage-based and one-time charges, credits and adjustments,. The billing function supports the presentation of multiple services on a single account, cross-product discounting, multiple billing cycles, and presentation via paper or electronic media, ensuring cost-efficient and agile business operations.

Assured credit and collections – embedded accounting capabilities offer service providers the ability to facilitate, monitor and control customer usage, payment and debt. Automated workflow procedures can apply usage limits to minimise fraudulent use, implement recurring credit and debit card payment facilities to ease administration, and initiate debt recovery procedures to manage accounts in arrears.

Convergent prepaid/postpaid charging – providing integrated support for prepaid and postpaid charging models that enable contract and PAYG customers to be managed via a unified system. Convergent prepaid/postpaid (CPP) charging empowers customer choice, allowing the bill payer to select a preferred charging model for all services or adopt a hybrid approach that offers a mix of prepaid services, such as for digital content downloads or mobile payments, and postpaid services, such as for mobile voice and SMS usage.


  • Monetise, rate and bill any service
  • Support prepaid and postpaid services on a consolidated platform
  • Reduce risk through automated credit and collections procedures

Rating and Billing Process Flow

For further information on MDS revenue management capabilities, we invite you to contact us to discuss specific requirements or visit the Resource Centre to download the latest MDS papers.


MDS Customer Management Platform

MDS Customer Management Platform