Analytics for transparency and revenue assurance

Real-time analytics mean you – and your customer – have full insight of usage for every end user and device. Disputes are minimised, freeing you to build more profitable customer relationships.


Real-time information across the business

MDS delivers analytics for every aspect of your service and every interaction. That means three tiers of strategic visibility:

  • Asset and Services Management: We are using more devices and cloud services than ever, and that number is about to explode exponentially (IoT). We give you and your customers total real-time visibility of all your assets and services, no matter how large your estate.
  • Service Assurance: Have confidence in all your business processes including interfaces with third party / OTT providers, so you can build the services your customers want, deliver on your SLAs and bill with certainty.
  • Business Insight: Dynamic online analytics for your B2B business give you complete visibility of your customers and partners, improving profitability, forecasting and product design. Compare the performance of converged products or bundles of services, and spot challenges before they become costly crises.

Talk your customers’ language

Total visibility of users and devices in real-time means you and your customers can have confidence in the services they are being billed for, and disputes/exceptions are minimised. Customisations to the end-user’s business include:

  • Granular, real-time usage tracking can be matched to the end customer’s business hierarchy - indeed, customers can even design their own hierarchies.
  • Describe your customer’s services and assets in a way which reflects their organisation
  • And we can develop mobile asset use cases in vertical sectors e.g. medical, manufacturing production lines etc.
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"The evolution of our service, through new solutions, innovations and payment options, is reliant on the underlying software and analytics to make it a success. I am in no doubt that this success would not be possible if we did not have MDS partnering with us."

IT Billing Systems Manager, Gogo

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