Expanding your product portfolio

Unlock greater revenues by giving your customers a growing portfolio of services, fully aligned to their businesses. Stop being a commodity provider and start being a value-add strategic asset to every customer.


A new world of customer demand

As businesses require ever more connected technology, traditional fixed-line operators are under increasing pressure to deliver more products, often customised to sector or commercial need.

It is a huge opportunity, and one which must be embraced to maintain competitiveness; but the cost of in-house development is prohibitively high. MDS can deliver your growth ambitions, not just into mobile, but beyond and towards an ideal and all-embracing digital product portfolio. We offer:

  • Pricing and billing to suit your business models
  • A flexible cloud-based resource which will seamlessly grow with you and your customers’ businesses to generate economies of scale
  • Complete configuration for your value-add bespoke or OTT services

Engineer your place in the market

From Unified Communications to M2M, MDS’ flexible platform unlocks new business, because you’ll always have the resources to cope:

  • The ability to customise your service offering to target any niche
  • The ability to offer SMEs the simplicity and economies of scale of a ‘one-stop-shop’ single supplier
  • The ability to grow with your customers as their needs develop

The ability to develop and align services to business and sector needs and so drive new revenues.

CMP customer hierarchy screenshot

"The evolution of our service, through new solutions, innovations and payment options, is reliant on the underlying software and analytics to make it a success. I am in no doubt that this success would not be possible if we did not have MDS partnering with us."

IT Billing Systems Manager, Gogo

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Enterprise mobility and the service provider opportunity

Mobile enterprise presents a huge opportunity for service providers. A recent research report(1) by STL Partners, found that less than half of enterprises have no formal enterprise mobile strategy or mobile device management (MDM) solution in place.

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