Managing SME & enterprise customers

The MDS platform can mirror not only your sales hierarchy but also the organisational hierarchy of your customers. By meeting individual needs at a granular level, we’ll help you understand, price and manage your customer base to extract maximum LTV and share of customer spend.


Design your sales process around every customer

The MDS platform has been designed from the ground up to remove barriers from the sales process and maximise the profitability of each interaction:

  • Increase margins on SME services through automation and configuration
  • Built on a fully open architecture to easily integrate with your preferred configure/price/quote tools (e.g. Salesforce), workflows and remuneration structures – so your sales team stay on board
  • Customisation right through to the delivery platform: supports negotiated/personalised pricing, custom service definitions, bespoke business models etc.
  • A single view of the customer supports proactive client management and drives upsell opportunities

Your sales process: covered

MDS supports hierarchical account management – so you can perfectly reflect your customers’ organisations. We support wholesale sales, your reseller network or partner programme, and engagement directly with customers.

Within the customer organisation, we support administrators and end-users, with real-time insight throughout and a rich set of APIs to support self-configuration at every level.

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"CMP... has not only helped us retain our existing customer base, but also increased our competitiveness in the enterprise business sector."

Alan Mahon, Head of Business Mobile Product, Eir Business

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