Maximise growth, minimise overheads

Outsource technical complexity to MDS: as a managed service, we have the scale to help you grow beyond fixed wire services whilst minimising the capital risk and resource commitment.


Grow, modernise, compete

To remain competitive, B2B providers must evolve beyond fixed wire and even mobile, not just into multi-channel service provision, but also adding more value and customisation to your customers’ businesses.

MDS delivers enterprise-grade cloud performance as a managed service, giving you the tools to design new and relevant products without taking resources away from your existing day-to-day business.

With a team at the cutting edge of service design, security, process optimisation and systems migration, we can help you build profitable, forward-thinking services; all without extensive capital investment.

From tactical to strategic

When you stop worrying about delivery, you can start playing a more strategic role in your customers’ businesses: a much more profitable route to market.

Are you their first port of call to discuss M2M opportunities? Are you cutting their costs by providing cloud services? If you’re only selling yesterday’s off-the-shelf telecoms products, you’re neither staying competitive nor maximising the margins you could achieve with effective customisation. With MDS’ support, you can design products which meet your customers’ strategic needs, putting you profitably at the heart of their businesses.

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"MDS’ ability to own and manage ‘the billing problem’ and operate a fully-assured managed service with guaranteed service levels that comply with industry regulations, is a powerful capability that our customers rely on 24x7, 365 days a year."

Alan Mahon, Head of Business Mobile Product, Eir Business

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Back in 2012, the UK mobile market passed something of a milestone: the number of subscribers on postpaid plans finally outnumbered their pay-as-you-go counterparts. According to Ofcom’s Communications Market Report for that year, the balance tipped a whole four percentage points in postpaid’s favour between 2011 and 2012.

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