Real-time charging for B2B

Put your customers in charge with all the comfort of real-time control. We’ll help you build trusted relationships which yield new revenue streams.


Capitalise on the opportunities of convergence

Technology is driving an unstoppable convergence in the provision of telecoms and data services. Delivering fixed wire services is no longer enough: you need to be able to offer mobile as a minimum, and then start to profitably leverage the new generation of software services that meet the business priorities of your customers.

With MDS’ flexible and transparent billing architecture, you can become a trusted strategic technology partner, building profitable services and configurations that maximise every customer opportunity.

  • Easily add mobile to your fixed-line business – with no reconfiguration or complexity for your customers
  • Use our billing platform to increase the relevance and profitability of your existing offer
  • Build new digital offers which exceed your customers’ expectations, improve margin and develop your role as a strategic partner

Build more trust, sell more services

MDS’ real-time billing platform gives your clients the confidence to manage and then extend their service usage. With real-time dashboards, there’s no bill-shock, no unpredictability, and users are empowered to design and refine their services according to need. 

And with billing disputes still the greatest cause of customer complaints, we can help improve your brand image and cut support tickets, too.

balance monitoring selfcare

“CMP has brought price changes down from 90 days to five days.” 

Alan Mahon, Head of Business Mobile Product, Eir Business

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