Real-Time Charging


Real-Time Charging unlocks the full value of our platform’s real-time billing benefits, both for Digital Service Providers and end-users.

For DSPs:

  • Monitor and control each subscriber’s usage and consumption, service by service
  • Rule-based access to services (voice, messaging, data etc.), set by you or the subscriber themselves, to lock down budgetary control
  • Design credit management policies with the benefit of full real-time usage information

For customers:

With Real-Time Charging, subscribers always know exactly where they are and what they have spent.  For customers who value flexibility, you can offer credit with the benefit of real-time service usage information. For customers who need control, you can eliminate unpopular surprise overage charges by notifying them before their inclusive allowances are consumed - and offer appropriate upgrade options.

Real-Time Charging gives your customers control and confidence – which builds brand loyalty. It also gives you invaluable knowledge of your own customers, so you can tailor your credit management and marketing activities to maximise each customer relationship.

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" As a well-known innovator in the market, MDS understood that supporting the JOi Telecom MVNO launch was critical to their business strategy."

Eugen Comendant, Director of Joi Telecom, MVNO & Multiplay, ACN Europe

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