Analytics, insight and assurance

Real time analytics help you know your customers both in and beyond your stores. Protect and enhance your investment with world-class revenue assurance and insight.


Total operational visibility

With our end to end integrated services, we apply the insight from real-time information to every aspect of your convergent offers:

  • CRM: Segment your customers by activity, refine your product lines, conduct churn analysis
  • Marketing and Loyalty: Push marketing campaigns based on live data; interact with customers when it’s most relevant and appropriate. Build relationship use cases in-store (extras, minutes-for-deals) and bring customers back to the store (offers, reminders)
  • Operations: Understand and accurately accrue operational metrics in real-time
  • Assurance: Gain total confidence in processes across the business
  • Fiscal: Fraud detection, revenue optimisation and assurance

With real-time insight you can begin to realise the true value of a VNO: to increase the perceived value of the brand to your customers, and to extend it into more varied use cases in their lives.

We can push offers to subscribers, driving them to your store. We can incentivise loyalty with a music download for a larger basket. Or we can offer discounts on data, rather than on more expensive/lower margin goods.

And we can do all this while continuing to give customers the comfort of total control of their mobile experience.

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"The evolution of our service, through new solutions, innovations and payment options, is reliant on the underlying software and analytics to make it a success. I am in no doubt that this success would not be possible if we did not have MDS partnering with us."

IT Billing Systems Manager, Gogo

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