Billing & revenue generation

Customer choice maximises revenue opportunities. We enable greater pricing innovation, new product development, upsell opportunities, and better brand engagement.


Optimised for profitability

Today’s digital customer is always-on: so older models – both prepay and postpay - of paying for mobile services are looking archaic. They are being replaced with flat-rate or at least worry-free data allowances with a rich choice of attractive add-ons which differentiate on value-based service propositions, rather than access itself.

We will help you develop these propositions, maximising the possible revenue from your target markets, helping you to acquire new customers and increasing buy-in and ‘stickiness’ to reduce churn.

As digital services become more convergent on mobile devices, we will keep your offering optimised for price, upsell opportunities and brand value.

De-risk your transition to Post-pay

Yet the move from pre-pay to the flexibility of post-pay presents additional credit risk challenges. Especially in an environment where the most profitable elements of a contract may be add-ons with third party revenue share, minimising exposure is essential.

As well as multi-layered fraud detection, MDS’ platform provides granular, real-time balances for credit management and analytics for every customer; not only minimising the risk of default, but balancing that risk with the opportunity to extend credit where appropriate and profitable:

  • Comfort for you: insight and credit profiling on every customer
  • Comfort for users: “real-time contracts”, putting the customer in charge of their product usage and billing cycle

…all serving to reduce write-offs and build stronger customer relationships.

invoice details in CMP screenshot

"MDS’ ability to own and manage ‘the billing problem’ and operate a fully-assured managed service with guaranteed service levels that comply with industry regulations, is a powerful capability that our customers rely on 24x7, 365 days a year."

Alan Mahon, Head of Business Mobile Product, Eir Business

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