Customer Engagement

Mobile is no longer just another product line: with our real-time technology, your mobile channel becomes a source of unrivalled commercial insight and marketing opportunity.


Full-service product development

Technology is only part of the story: for our retail customers, we know that most relevant and profitable mobile services deliver value back to the brand. We can help you:

  • Analyse the mobile opportunity based on your existing market segmentation
  • Maximise mobile revenues with rapid testing and optimisation of pricing strategies
  • Design services which bring customers back to your brand and encourage cross-sales
  • Apply mobile analytics to your existing customer life-cycle insight
  • Maximise the value of each customer interaction

A trusted partner, we add clarity and focus to your decision-making in digital product development: de-risking your investment, protecting your relationship with your customers, and maximising the revenue opportunity.

Insight to keep you on top

Our real-time platform gives you the data you need to refine your proposition and react to competitive pressure.

We can track competitor services; and when you decide to change your own service parameters, we can conduct “what if” analyses for a realistic picture of the effect on your business. The result is an operation which is responsive to the market but always optimised for profitability and customer satisfaction.


"The advantages of CMP over other solutions we looked at is evident to the entire O2 team."

IT Delivery Manager, Telefonica O2

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