Differentiation and customer experience

We design services which allow you to profitably differentiate on experience and quality while building a loyal customer base, instead of competing in a downward spiral on price.


Build profitable experiences

Price-matching to competitors is inevitably a race to the bottom. Plus, it ultimately exhausts brand goodwill as service is chipped away along with margins.


Yet in the pre-pay world where brands are hamstrung by the inflexibility of having ownership only of a wholesale agreement, competing on price has often been the only option.

We have the expert team, technical infrastructure and breadth of services to allow you to compete on quality, services and customer experience. With MDS, you have the autonomy that comes with owning and designing your own digital products, allowing you to:

  • differentiate from the competition
  • give your customers experiences which they value and respect - experiences they are therefore happy to pay more for
  • build services which match your brand’s values, independent of the restrictions of a wholesale deal

Control in their hands

We also deliver world-class self-serve account administration. With real-time billing, account management and configuration, the customer has total control and up-to-the-minute transparency on spending. This eliminates bill-shock and significantly reduces the need for customer care channels.

With a “real-time contract”, we can ensure your customers always feel they are getting the perfect deal for their needs with pricing models that match their use cases. And because customers value transparency more than economy, by eliminating nasty surprises, we maximise your revenues, too.

Differentiation and customer experience

"We can offer any variation of price plans and promotions and MDS enables us to differentiate our offering which is crucial in such a competitive marketplace, where rapid response to consumer demand is imperative."

IT Delivery Manager, Telefonica O2

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