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We have the experience and vision to evolve your offering from basic mobile towards tomorrow’s varied and highly profitable suite of digital services.


Take your share of tomorrow’s digital markets

Whilst the business remains profitable today, the opportunities for a traditional pre-pay mobile virtual network operator are declining:

  • The traditional MVNO is a highly restrictive offering, with little room to design flexible services
  • Topping up is a constant reminder of the cost of ‘pay to play’.

That’s why more than 25% of pre-pay customers have moved to contracts in the past decade.

Keeping you ahead of the competition

MDS operates a world-class technology platform, but outsourcing to us delivers more than just the reduced costs of cloud IT. We have the expertise and experience to build a branded digital service which supports your business:

  • Reduce time to market and drive revenues by contributing to your product development roadmap (home security, fixed broadband, IPTV etc.)
  • Focus on your core business by handling complexities like legacy services migrations

And we’ll help maintain your service differentiation by negotiating deals with OTT providers and third party content owners.

By taking advantage of our know-how as well as our technology, you can be sure that your digital offerings always exceed expectations and meet customer demand, thereby maximising profitability.

CMP customer hierarchy screenshot

“The migration of 500,000 subscribers in less than 24 hours was the fastest and smoothest we have ever experienced.”

Andy Stevenson, Fujitsu, migration of Post Office UK

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