Fraud Alert Service

Fraud costs mobile operators up to 1.7% of revenues. We maintain world-class revenue protection thanks to real-time and broad-based activity analysis.


Fraud Alert Service

Fraud is a well-established issue for the telecommunications industry; the CFCA calculates global telecoms fraud loss to be in excess of $38 billion (2015) – 1.7% of revenues. This is in addition to margin and revenue being squeezed by increasing competition, market saturation, churn and Over-the-Top (OTT) players continuing to erode traditional voice and text revenues. Our flexible Fraud Alert Service can provide 24 hour monitoring and alerting across a vast array of data points including usage, online ordering, data consumption and account changes.

Our Fraud Alert Service provides enhanced analytic capabilities to provide a comprehensive 360 degree view of customer behaviour and risk profile. It is available as a standalone solution providing comprehensive cover using rule sets, or can be integrated with your existing BSS to provide complete fraud alerting. This proactive service addresses losses to fraud and allows preventative measures to avoid recurrence.  

Key product benefits

  • Early alerting of fraudulent behaviour to prevent future losses
  • Integration into usage data feeds to give early detection of suspicious activity
  • Integration to customer management and billing to enable a comprehensive view of customer behaviour and risk profile
  • Alerting may be combined with workflow functionality to enable auto-barring where required
  • Order monitoring to check for order irregularities and fraudulent repeat orders
  • Hot and excluded numbers capabilities to react to new threats and avoid false positives
  • Discovery of hidden links between known suspect customers and the wider customer base
  • Flexible rule configuration to allow customer-driven changes to rules and thresholds
Fraud Alert Service

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