MDS offers VNOs and VNEs a dedicated BSS as-a-service called VNOnDemand.

VNOnDemand is a modular solution that combines self-serve, monetisation and analytics with MDS' industry expertise to deliver an automated, data rich and real-time cloud environment for digital B2C, B2B and IoT services.

Retailer VNO

A digital BSS environment to delight and lower cost

The on demand era wants seamless, barrier-free interactions, complete personalisations and the comfort that goes with absolute control. We enable these experiences. Digital saves human CSR costs and accelerates orders.

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As-a-service, minimising costs and IT complexity

Reduce dependency on IT and BSS skills. We look after every aspect of revenue assurance, business change and digital engagement. We work closely with your partners and IT eco-system to ensure end-to-end availability.

DevOps is a key feature of our offering. This means MDS and VNOnDemand provides exceptional business agility and flexibility within a pay-as-you-use and SLA model.

End-to-end analytics and industry expertise - dedicated for VNOs

From go-to-market strategic consultancy to the data you need to manage your digital business, we put data-driven decision-making at the heart of your operation. Our analytics-as-a-service offering delivers:

  • Cost and Margin Analytics
  • Fraud and Revenue Management
  • Churn and Retention Analytics
  • Strategic Market Analysis and Pricing
  • Customer Insight & Control

Our analytics ensure all stakeholders from resellers, partners and business units have knowledge to make critical business decisions.

Any-pay revenue management - build the perfect hybrid offer

Give all customers the same experience and controls. Smartly and selectively discriminate with personalised payment models, contextualised channels and service options.

Our service incorporates full revenue assurance and real-time control for post-paid and pre-paid services.

Fixed, mobile & partner convergent - for nPlay services

Deliver services based on fixed, mobile, LPWN, cloud and OTT partner services to provide convergent services to retail, business and IoT users alike.

BT, O2 and UK Post Office are examples of operators using the same platform for fixed line, mobile and IoT services across B2C, B2B and B2B2X segments.

Analytics powered BSS automation and engagement

Improve decision making, operational workflow and personalised engagement. Our analytics is at the heart of our BSS platform enabling data based automation of customer offers, notifications and care that reduces churn, improve efficiency and deliver delight.

True B2B, B2C and B2B2X capabilities provide unrivalled market options

SME/SOHO and IoT (B2B2X) are significant growth areas in B2B alongside digital retail services in B2C.

Incorporate business services (eg. cloud storage, Office 365, PBX and VPN), home services (eg. security, shared family plans and multimedia) or monetising of Internet of Things into your market ambitions.


Best practice suites for agile and fast delivery

VNOnDemand incorporates a best practise framework to provide a low cost start point from which to get VNO businesses running swiftly. Our best practice can be tailored to meet your exacting needs while reducing risk and effort. Our managed as-a-service architecture supports constant business transformation through our DevOps model - giving you operational agility to match your market pace.

Launch in as little as

3 Months

Service change and rollout in

1-5 Days

Use cases we enable

VNOnDemand enables a variety of the objectives for most VNOs across a number of categories:

Use cases 1
Use cases 2


MDS can configure VNOnDemand around your target segments, business strategy, customer experience needs, revenue growth ideas, resource outsourcing and business optimisation plans. Best practises are encoded into our processes to simplify on-boarding.


How we engage

VNOnDemand is designed to support your evolution at any stage in your journey. From just providing analytics-as-a-service to a fully digital BSS environment, we are the complete service partner. The following table highlights where in different stages of increasing business value, MDS can help.


Business Stage Optimise
VNOnDemand Options Analytics as-a-service Adjunct BSS-as-a-service Migration and BSS-as-a-service Segment and Region Expansion Brand Asset Integration
Outline We provide analytics-as-a-service to help you better understand your customers, usage, churn, fraud and costs. From here we can help you optimise your market strategy. We deploy specific capabilities into service against your existing ecosystem, so you can immediately launch new services without a full digital transformation. Through elective migration of existing customers, services are migrated to a full digital platform. This can cover network, service and channel migration. Introduction of sticky services such as family plans, groups plans, DIY services, partner/VAS, roaming offload, multi-region services, etc We assist in embedding communication services into your brand and product estate, either as loyalty solutions, servisation of products (IoT) or package integration.
Result Improve Gross Margin Grow Subscribers and Topline Revenue Reduce Traditional Churn Accelerate Subscribers and Margins Unlimited Disruption and Potential

Who we help

MDS can help different types of VNOs and market strategies, from existing prepaid B2C MVNO to IoT VNOs enabling new connected products.


Existing Pre-paid MVNO Fixed Line Operators New Brands & Entrants MVNE/A IoT MVNO
Switch on hybrid and post-pay services, now. Build a mobile n-play strategy. Mitigate high-risk and cost, AND still disrupt. Give your customers the freedom to innovate. Launch beautiful connected products.
VNOnDemand can introduce, replace or interoperate with your existing pre-paid and/or OCS platform so you can realise hybrid digital services. VNOnDemand enables you to swiftly add mobile into your service mix including single-bill generation and revenue assurance. Launching mobile or fixed line services is CAPEX intensive and high risk. Our as-a-service makes it easy and offers a pay-as-you-use commercial model. Help your customers switch on new digital hybrid services across B2C, B2B and IoT services - beyond pre-paid only services. Many IoT businesses have little experience in networked service management. VNOnDemand offers to minimise risk, complexity and resources at every stage.

Key Features


Comprehensive BSS Suite

Real-time charging, settlement and billing, complex customer account management and omni-channel support across on-line and off-line channels.


Campaign, Loyalty and Engagement Tools

Engage with your customer in a personalised manner using automation tools to support contextual market campaigns, direct customer interactivity and uptake related loyalty programs.


Service Agility

Launch compelling digital services in days, not years. As a partner we offer a DevOps environment meaning you are not restricted by what's in the box.


Open Network and OSS Integration

Support for Diameter, EDR/UDR and API integration directly with OSS and network elements across mobile, fixed, wireless and value-added services for provisioning, control and collection.


Analytics Engine

Our hosted analytics engine can be used to mine and analyse information from internal and external sources for business intelligence, analytics dashboards or business process automation.


Service Assured

120pt service assurance, SSAE 16 & ISO27001 security compliant, 24/7 Service desk, ITIL aligned, commercial SLA flexibility and optional fraud management - proven via the largest operators globally.


Product Catalogue Management

Manage service propositions via a product catalogue. Our managed services can reconfigure service patterns to support radically new propositions.


Open Integration

Our open API approach enables integration with eco-system partners from financial solutions and CRM platforms to payment gateways and IoT platforms to support a best of breed strategy.


Operational Analytics

Our operational analytics gives you transparency to track your operations, revenue and service SLA and KPI - allowing you to be fully in control.

VNO Case Study

iD Mobile is built on an integrated end-to-end digital platform, powered by MDS' VNOnDemand, which offers:

  • Real-time management of customer experience
  • Order management and provisioning
  • Customer care and billing
View iD Mobile Case Study