Realising your digital ambitions

MDS gives you the agility and flexibility to capitalise on every opportunity.


Capitalise on every opportunity

What are those next steps? What would your business look like if you had compelling service designs for all the customer segments you wanted to reach? MDS gives you the agility and flexibility to capitalise on every opportunity. 

  • Flexible and hybrid monetisation: Give every user the perfect deal: advance or in arrears, subscriptions, PAYG, micro-bundles and more 

  • Integrate with technology and service partners: Ideal for SME bolt-ons like Office 365, Salesforce or your choice of OTT products

  • Develop a reseller base: We’ve got the analytics and front-end channels to manage the relationship 

  • Make waves in the $3tn IoT market: Support this dynamic market with agile commercial models with full provisioning and eSIM support 

  • Serve families better: Enhanced security, time-based controls, even multi-device family packages; nobody offers more in the family segment 

  • Attract corporates: Bulk management of complex account hierarchies and entitlements are no problem either; we’re built for corporate life 

  • … And SMEs too: Small businesses account for over 95% of companies – now you can profitably give them the services they crave 

We’re already helping Telefonica O2 to deliver convergent services to millions of its corporate and SME subscribers, as well as servicing more than a million IoT subscriptions.

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"MDS’ ability to own and manage ‘the billing problem’ and operate a fully-assured managed service with guaranteed service levels that comply with industry regulations, is a powerful capability that our customers rely on 24x7, 365 days a year."

Alan Mahon, Head of Business Mobile Product, Eir Business

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