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Service Assurance

Transparent service assurance analytics for governance and peace of mind

MDS understands the business-critical nature of the support systems it manages for global service providers and the need to reduce cost and risk through assured operations. As such, MDS managed service incorporates powerful analytics service assurance tools that ensure infrastructure, applications and processes are operating as intended and performance is optimised.

Embedded monitoring and validation tools provide a single view visualization of key business metrics across infrastructure, applications and processes, providing automated exception-based management and root cause analysis.

  • Unified monitoring of all network, operating system, database and hardware elements for end-to-end assurance
  • Unified monitoring of application performance to proactively manage the customer experience
  • Dedicated 24/7 monitoring and validation support that ensures dynamic response
  • Service portal that provides a single view of the monitored systems, operations and services
  • Integrated analytics for assured accuracy and timeliness across processes

MDS embedded service assurance tools significantly reduce business risk and ensure strict adherence to agreed SLAs at a granular level and in near real-time.

MDS Service Assurance


  • 50+ assured SLAs
  • 120+ assurance points – dynamic monitoring and validation
  • Lower cost, lower risk alternative to in-house management
  • Up to 40% lower TCO than in-house operations
  • 20-30% productivity gains
  • Experienced people, mature processes and proven technology
  • 24/7 service management

For further information on MDS service assurance, we invite you to contact us to discuss specific requirements or visit the Resource Centre to download the latest MDS papers.


MDS Managed BSS

MDS Managed BSS

Download this paper to find out how the MDS technology and services can help deliver top line growth in the digital economy.


Smarter Outsourcing - the Telesperience guide to Telecoms Managed Service

Smarter Outsourcing - the Telesperience guide to Telecoms Managed Service