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Next Generation Telecoms

Customer and Revenue Management Solutions for rapid service enablement

The opportunity exists for communications and IT service providers to own the delivery and management of next generation telecoms and cloud computing services for key customer market segments, in particular the business sector. The challenge for service providers will be to abstract the services from the network, such that complex technology solutions - with pricing that is often cited as confusing by business customers - can be replaced with business telecoms and IT delivered as-a-service on clear and simple price plans.

The integrated revenue and customer management capabilities provided by MDS enable operators and service providers to monetise telecoms services, such as MobileFixed-line, and Broadband; converged solutions, such as Fixed-Mobile Convergence and Cable; and Cloud Computing Services, such as data storage, managed desktops, and online office packages. As a provider of market-leading BSS solutions, MDS offers clear advantages in the delivery of next generation telecoms and cloud computing services:

  • Advanced product and promotions management that supports a diverse portfolio of usage-based, subscription-based and transactional offerings from a centralised catalogue
  • Rating and billing functions scale to accommodate both the very high volumes of data to be processed and the granularity and sophistication required to generate an invoice that consolidates all charges, whether by value, volume or duration
  • Single view of the customer and their services, providing an enhanced customer experience and reduced time to resolution
MDS Next Generation Telecoms


Fast, Flexible Time to Market

  • Business and MVNO market segment specialists
  • Support for complex communications services
  • Monetise, rate and bill any service
  • Fastest tariff and product set-up on the market - days
  • Single view of the customer and their services

Assured BSS Managed Services

  • Experienced people, mature processes and proven technology
  • 24/7 service management
  • 50+ assured SLAs - dynamic monitoring and validation
  • Automated credit and collections reduce financial risk


Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Flexible deployment and business model options
  • Lower TCO than in-house operations
  • Leverage double-digit productivity gains
  • Flexible OPEX and CAPEX commercial model options

Advanced Analytic Insights

  • Fully assured process and analytic framework
  • Hundreds of business process validations
  • Order accuracy analytics
  • Revenue assurance and fraud analytic controls
  • Commercial and marketing insight data analytics

For further information on MDS next generation telecoms solutions, we invite you to Contact Us to discuss specific requirements or visit the Resource Centre to download the latest MDS solution papers. 


MDS Managed BSS

MDS Managed BSS

Download this paper to find out how the MDS technology and services can help deliver top line growth in the digital economy.