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Wholesale Billing

Solutions that manage the complexity of wholesale communications services

While the wholesale channel offers a profitable and low cost route to market for network operators, the overheads and billing and operational complexity associated with managing a large number of individual partners, predominantly resellers, each with their own systems and processes, can often erode profit margins.

Through its transactional billing portfolio, MDS delivers the scalability, accuracy and cost-efficiency required to quickly and effectively grow revenues in the wholesale space. MDS wholesale billing solutions support the rating and billing of reseller usage on behalf of the network operator, provide the reseller with properly formatted usage files for onward billing to the customer, and can further extend the platform to support direct end-customer billing on behalf of the reseller.

The highly flexible revenue management system manages multiple services, relationships and business models through a sophisticated billing hierarchy, supports a high rate of change through configuration, and processes bulk transactions in a simple fashion.

Business assurance capabilities deliver provide integrated analytics and reporting capabilities that deliver:

  • Holistic reporting capabilities that provide customer insight, and reseller and network operational intelligence, helping to enhance the customer experience and optimise operational performance
  • Advanced revenue assurance and fraud analytics that help to control costs and manage risk across the wholesale supply chain
  • Wholesale settlement reconciliation across the billing and network ecosystem
MDS Wholesale Billing


Fast, Flexible Time to Market

  • Business and MVNO market segment specialists
  • Support for complex communications services
  • Monetise, rate and bill any service
  • Fastest tariff and product set-up on the market - days
  • Single view of the customer and their services

Assured BSS Managed Services

  • Experienced people, mature processes and proven technology
  • 24/7 service management
  • 50+ assured SLAs - dynamic monitoring and validation
  • Automated credit and collections reduce financial risk


Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Flexible deployment and business model options
  • Lower TCO than in-house operations
  • Leverage double-digit productivity gains
  • Flexible OPEX and CAPEX commercial model options

Advanced Analytic Insights

  • Fully assured process and analytic framework
  • Hundreds of business process validations
  • Order accuracy analytics
  • Revenue assurance and fraud analytic controls
  • Commercial and marketing insight data analytics

For further information on MDS support for wholesale billing, we invite you to Contact Us to discuss specific requirements or visit the Resource Centre to download the latest MDS solution papers.


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MDS Transaction Billing

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